Maid Supply Service

Maid service agreement with terms and conditions

First party: Customer/client
Second party: Royal Services cleaning services and suppliers Pvt Ltd.

Terms and Condition:

1. The second party will not be responsible if any lost and theft at first party house or first party‚Äôs premises.

2. If any kinds of accident happen while on duty to the cleaner at that time the first party will be fully responsible and must bear to all the consequences.  

3. The second party will not responsible for replacing another worker/cleaner/maid leave the job because of first party gives more job and duties which is not infilled in the order form or which is not pre-inform to the second party to the company.

4. The second party will not be responsible for replacing and manage another maid/cleaner if they leave the job because of and misbehaved/scold by the first.

4. Total amount of salary and other incentives the first party has to pay directly to maid/cleaner at end of the month.  

5. For the maid/cleaner request/order 500rs will charge by the second party and the amount will not be refundable at any conditions.

6. The second party will not be responsible for replacing the new maid or cleaner to the first party if the first party will not pay salary or incentive to the maid or cleaner. 

Second party price range and replacement service are as follows.



Working hours

Salary of maid/cleaner per month (not living)


Breakfast lunch facility


1 to 3 hours/day


Should give at site


4 hours/day


Should give at site


5 hours/day


Should give at site


6 hours/day


Should give at site


7 hours/day


Should give at site


8 hours/day


Should give at site


10 hours/day


Should give at site


11 hours/day


Should give at site


12 hours/day


Should give at site


Home stay


Should give at site


Maid/cleaner replacement period

Price range


1 month



2 months



6 months



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