Apartment Cleaning Service

Apartment cleaning is a service that cleans an apartment and its furniture and improves or reforms the environment of the apartment.

Everyone likes to work and live in a clean and comfortable environment, however, most of us do not like to work hard to maintain it. Homes, particularly Apartments and condos, are difficult to maintain in regards to cleanliness. Whether you are opting for occasional cleaning or regular cleaning in your apartment, you can remember Royal Cleaning Service to be provided the best cleaning service. We assure to change your lifestyle along with your living space with our excellent cleaning plan customized as per your needs.

What is our Apartment cleaning plan based on duration?

1. Occasional apartment cleaning

 Under this, we provide the service to apartment owners only when they need it. The clients call us at the time of their need and we offer the services as per the requirement of their premise. This can range from carpet cleaning to furniture cleaning, and more.

2. Moving in apartment cleaning

Some apartment owners need our services while moving in since the entire process is very hectic. You can call us a day or two before moving into your new apartment and we will offer you a well-planned cleaning service. 

3. Frequent cleaning services

Under this kind of service, we offer daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning services. You can choose among any of these as per your need.

What are the Apartment cleaning services that we offer?

1. Bathroom cleaning

 Under bathroom cleaning, we focus on the cleaning of tubs, showers, doors, mirrors, faucets, countertops. We also clean the cobwebs. We use various sanitary materials to help your bathroom remain clean.

2. Kitchen

We are very concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, so we put our best effort to clean every nook and corner of the kitchen which is the place where food is prepared and distributed. We focus on cleaning the small applicants like toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, and more. Furthermore, we clean the chimney to remove all the grease left on the corners. After cleaning the ventilation, we polish the countertops, cabinets, dining tables, and chairs. Ultimately we sweep and mop the floor to make it shiny. We also empty the trash cans in your kitchen and dispose of them safely.

3. Living room cleaning

A living room is an area that is occupied very often and is one such area that needs to be attractive and good-looking. We begin by dusting the surface, wiping the windows, picture frames, and cleaning the stains from the coffee table, and dusting the furniture. We keep our hands busy on all the things that you have in your living room may it be awards, medals, frames, or clocks. We finish by vacuuming the floor. If your floor is made of wood flooring, then we make sure that the appropriate material is used to clean it while maintaining its lifeline.

4. Bedroom cleaning

Another important and high traffic area in the bedroom. It is one of the main areas which needs to be sanitized. We begin by cleaning the sheets and replacing them with fresh linens. We dust the furniture, frames, window sills, and more. We remove the cobwebs and do the general dusting including lampshades, intricate items, and more. After cleaning the windows and doors we vacuum the floor.

Apartment cleaning process:

After we enter your apartment and note down all the conditions, we begin with the detailed cleaning of the apartment. We begin from a particular room. Our staff will give particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom/sleeping areas are cleaned by maids who are fully experienced at this kind of work. We find ways to maintain cleanliness until the next time that we are scheduled for work. Furthermore, before leaving, we also provide some suggestions regarding maintaining sanitation and cleanliness at home.

What sets Royal Cleaning Services apart from other companies is our use of modern technology and high client satisfaction. We make sure that the needs of all our clients are fully satisfied. We are very serious about cleaning and sanitation so we deliver it in our work as well. Our extensive cleaning plan and attention to detail keep the cleaning very effective. Contact Royal Cleaning Services for the best Apartment cleaning services inside Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

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