Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are also known as pigeon spikes which are long, needle-like metals used for bird control. Bird spikes are about 30 centimeters long. Bird spikes are placed in the walls, edges, balconies, windows, and other places. 
Bird spikes are used to prevent birds without harming and hurting them. Killing and hurting animals is illegal so bird spikes are only the best solution to prevent birds rather than killing them. Not only for birds but bird spikes are also used to prevent large climber animals such as squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and so on. The main purpose of the bird spikes is to prevent possible damage and maintenance cost of infrastructure by safety way of preventing birds or large climbing animals. Sharp ends of spikes are dangerous so the bird spikes are made blunt on the ends. 
Bird spikes have a narrow, flexible base with protruding stainless steel pipes. Bird spikes look so harmful but it is felt only by their appearance. Bird Spikes are not harmful. Bird Spikes are made physically in that way only because birds are pretty cautious when it comes to danger so when they see Bird Spikes they can avoid Bird spikes. 

Advantages of Bird spikes

The advantages of bird spikes are:

  1. Flexible

  2. Bird Control

  3. Easy to install

  4. Prevent large climbing animals

  5. Durable and long-lasting

  6. Cost-effective

Where should we install bird spikes?

Bird spikes can be used in various areas. Since the bird spikes can be formed and fit in any place it is very convenient to use.

Bird spikes are placed in:

  1. Windows Sills

  2. Roofs

  3. Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers

  4. Pipes

  5. Chimney

  6. Dwarf wall

How long does the Bird Spikes last?

One of the main advantages of installing the Bird Spikes is their durability. Since it cannot be harmed by rain unless it is destroyed by a human. Bird Spikes are made in such a way that they are weather resistant and last for years. 

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