We are professional car cleaning service in Kathmandu Nepal. Car cleaning is a very simple process. We first clean inside of the car by the use of the latest machine like scrubbing and wet vacuum cleaner is used to sucking wet part of the car. In brief first, we put out all the inspect the car inside and outside in detail. Then we use spray chemicals and power inside of the car for cleaning purpose. We start the scrubbing process by the use of a scrubbing pad gently. Then wet and dry vacuum cleaner needs to be sucking all the dirty chemicals from the driving seat and passenger seat. And let it be for dry outside from the car parking room. Secondly, we starting the outer face cleaning process. In which we spray the chemical water on car outer face and remove all the dirty muds and dust particles. Then we again start scrubbing outer face too with a scrubbing pad and brush then use high-pressure washer gun for washing purpose. And lastly, we starting polishing.It is not only important to clean your van/cars on the outside but the insides as well. Interior of your car is one of the most used areas that had accumulated bacteria over time. However, we are mostly focused on the aesthetics of the car and ignore the insides. Thus even for your hygiene and sanitary reasons, it is best to clean or get your car cleaned once in a while.

Importance of cleaning your car:

1.    Cleanliness: To keep up the hygiene and health aspect of your car inside and outside.

2.    The lifespan of your car: The lifespan of your car eventually degrades upon its lack of maintaining. Thus it is essential to keep the inside and outside of your car. There might be a lot of wear and tear which will only increase the cost of the reinstallation of materials in the car.

What things do you need to consider before getting your car cleaned by us?

1.    If your car is parked in the area where birds land there waste on

2.    The extent to which your car is exposed to the sun, cold, snow, pollution, etc.

3.    If your house is situated near a construction area or renovation site

4.    If your car is parked in open

In case of the above events and situations, it is vital that you get your car cleaned on a regular basis from Royal Cleaning Services if you are located inside Kathmandu Valley.

What do you include in the car cleaning package?

1.    Interior: It is very important to clean the interior of your car for both show and also for health reasons. In our car cleaning package, we include cleaning the inside of your car. It includes the dash, knobs, vinyl surface, plastic trim, gearshift, floor and seats, window and windshield. The floor and seats are the dirtiest places in the interior of your car. If the carpeting is not nice then the carpeting can be replaced as per your demand on additional charges.  We make sure that all the debris from underneath the front seas and the back seat is vacuumed and wiped.

2.    Exterior: We rinse the dirt away after a pressure wash. We wipe the wipers and the windshield. We thoroughly wash the roof, underneath the wheel, roofline, windows, and more. The exterior gives a shiny and nice outlook to the car.

Royal Cleaning Service is one of the only companies which provides all the cleaning services to the interiors of your house as well as your vehicles. We are experts at cleaning cars at a high standard and low price. We begin by cleaning the inside of the car by using machines for scrubbing and then use a wet vacuum cleaner to suck the dirty water left after scrubbing. Gentle scrubbing pad is used so that no harm is done to your car. We make sure that the material of your car; whether


, cloth or leather is not harmed in the process. Dry chemicals are used to clean the dashboard of the car. The outside of the car is cleaning using chemical foam and water. After scrubbing the car, high-pressure washing gun is used for washing off the dirt from nooks and corners unreachable by the hand. After the cleaning process ends, we let the car dry outside in the sun. The best thing about our car cleaning service is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home or office. Just contact us and let us know the details, we will be there with our professionals. Contact Royal Cleaning Services for car cleaning service around Kathmandu valley. 

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