CCTV installation service 

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is mostly used for video surveillance. CCTV was invented by German scientists to monitor the launch of the rocket and later it was used by American scientists at the test of the atomic bomb. 

Simply the installation process of cameras in the office, schools, colleges, and other places is called the CCTV installation service. Mainly CCTV installation service is for detecting criminal activities and also for visual evidence sometimes.


Advantages of CCTV installation service

Besides criminal purposes, there are other advantages of CCTV installation services. They are:

Criminal Management

CCTV installation service helps to find criminals. When a crime occurs, CCTV installation services work as evidence for a lawyer in court. CCTV installation service also includes audio, thermal, and other types of sensor which helps to alert people to prevent accidents and injuries.

Disaster Management

CCTV installation service helps rescue workers and emergency services via video for the situation in disasters e.g. inside fire buildings, caves, helicopters, under tanks factories, and so on.

City street monitoring

There are many road accidents happening day by day throughout the world and CCTV installation service helps to prevent road accidents. CCTV installation service at traffic lights works as en evidentiary footage for speeding. 

How does the CCTV installation service work?

Analog and digital CCTV installation service work slightly differently but modern CCTV installation service uses conversion software and hardware to analog and digital. 

Types of CCTV installation service 

  1. Analog CCTV installation service

Analog CCTV installation service is relatively low resolution but cheap and effective. The images require a video capture card and can be stored in a tape or a recorder. 

  1. Digital CCTV installation service

The digital CCTV installation service does not require a video capture card as images are stored directly on a computer but require a large amount of space to store recordings. 

  1. Network or IP

Network or IP CCTV installation service utilizes a video server to stream footage over the internet. The advantages of CCTV installation service are wifi and audio for analyzing images and better resolution.

How does CCTV installation service help in business?

CCTV installation service helps in business by the below-mentioned points:

1. To detect theft.

2. To detect vandalism.

3. Providing camera footage for evidence.

4. Monitoring staff performance.

5. Monitoring staff safety.

6. Helping you claim on insurance.

7. A full visual tour of entire business premises.

8. Reducing insurance premiums.

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