Chair Cleaning Service 

Why do you need to clean chairs?

1. Clean looks

 One of the main reasons why we need to keep the chairs clean is because they occupy a lot of space, are the most used objects, and easily grab the attention of people.

2. Healthy environment

Chair cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy environment in the office and home.

3. Fresh air

Fabric chairs absorb the smells and odors quickly. Particularly odor of cigarettes, pets, and general stale smell is stored in the chairs. To keep the chair smelling fresh it is necessary to clean it regularly. However, some odors don’t go away with dry cleaning, thus they require cleaning with water and a cleaning agent.

How often is chair cleaning necessary?

There is a lot of debate on how often one should clean their chair. The frequency of cleaning chairs depends upon their use. If the chair is heavily used every day then it should be cleaned once every month. However, the frequency can reduce to once every two months if the chair is less often used. Chairs in meeting rooms of offices are relatively used less often than cabin chairs used daily. Therefore, such chairs require less cleaning. Thus the cleaning of the chair depends upon the material that the chair is made of and also the frequency it is used.

Why hire an expert for chair cleaning?

1. Saves time

Chair cleaning from the hands of a professional will let you spend your weekends without having to lay your hands on cleaning the chair. We do work efficiently without wasting resources and time.

2. Efficient cleaning

Professionals have a lot of experience in handling your chair so they know exactly what materials are to be used to do the job.

3. Specialized tools

You will not have to buy special tools to clean your chairs because we have all the necessary tools for that. Furthermore, we also have our eyes open for modern techniques in cleaning. So we make sure to use them to the best of our needs.

4. Don’t cause damage to your chair

 We have been in the industry for a long time now so we know better about how to differentiate the cleaning as per the material used. We know that the cleaning for the leather chair is different from the cleaning agent used for the fabric chair.

5. Regular and routine service

 You can always trust an expert and professional like us for cleaning activities on a routine basis as per your tailored package. You can always be ensured that you will get clean and hygienic chairs at the end of the process of cleaning.

There are different methods to clean chairs based on the fabric used in the chair. Most of our clients prefer to clean the chairs of their dining table set. We begin by scrubbing the seat of the chair with detergent powder. Chemicals are used to clean the other parts of the chair. We use safe chemicals so that the wood or other material is protected. We also use a soft brush and liquid soap to clean the corners. Often the dining furniture has food stains on them. For these kinds of stubborn stains, we use chemicals or use steam cleaning methods. You should not go on to rub the stains as it happens because this way the stains will set deeper in the fabric. For leather and resin cover chairs we also use wax so that the result simply shines.  After washing it off, the chairs are kept outside to dry.

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