Disinfectant Service

Disinfectant service and sanitization service at your doorsteps i.e. within Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. Royal cleaning service is a sanitizing company working to provide disinfectant service in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.. A chemical substance that is responsible to wipe out the bacteria or virus present on the surfaces is called a disinfectant service. Regular cleaning and disinfecting or sanitizing are very important for the health and safety of an individual. At royal cleaning service, we provide commercial high-quality disinfectant services for your house, office, and outdoor. Our professionals are highly qualified and well trained for the job. We use advanced techniques and methodology for sanitization. They are equipped with necessary disinfectant materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) for their own and the safety of others.

The threat of Coronavirus has made the time crucial. The risk of exposure to COVID-19 has affected our lives and work environment. Our service is ideal for the front liners working at this period of Pandemic.

It is very important to take precautions beforehand and implement necessary cleaning measures. We are highly dedicated to providing you with the service to ensure the safety of you and your associates. The service at a very affordable and reasonable price will be effective for the safety of your surroundings.

Why Choose Royal Cleaning Service?

  • Eco-efficient and naturally degrading chemicals
  • Registered and approved cleaners and disinfectant
  • Anti-allergic and safe
  • Inflammable
  • Does not leave visible blemishes
  • No foul odors and smell

Treatment Technology

Our highly qualified professionals are specially trained for sanitization. The treatment is done following a regular process.

1. Inspection 

The monitoring of the potential infected space is done. The professionals study the area to be cleaned.

2. Evaluation and discussion

The proper measures are taken to provide quality service to the customers. The possible results are taken into consideration. The discussion for the same is done.

3. Treatment

The dispersion of the disinfectant solutions is done to ensure that it reaches every surface. Very small droplets are scattered to reach inaccessible areas. This technique will help disinfect large surfaces in a very short interval of time. The use of the disinfected area after the process will be talked about.

4. Follow up

After we provide the service, we follow up to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. We are happy to follow up on the service and provide further treatment if required.

Our highly advanced technology mainly focuses on the decontamination of hard surfaces such as doorknobs, sockets, sinks, tables and counters, and toilets.

Preparation of site before service

  • Paperwork or materials that can be damaged by moisture must be removed.
  • Edible items, drinking water, or medications must be removed
  • Electrical pieces of equipment must be covered
  • Keep away the utensils used for eating/ drinking

After the completion, it is recommended to leave the area to dry. Royal Cleaning Service work under the high standard of providing quality customer service. We are a disinfectant company based in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur delivering reliable, trustworthy, and on-time service. Our sanitization solution ensures your safety.

Sanitizer and disinfection service at your doorsteps for example inside Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur valley. Royal cleaning service is a cleaning organization attempting to offer sanitizer support in Kathmandu. 

A synthetic substance that is mindful to clear out the microscopic organisms or infections present on the surfaces is called a sanitizer. Standard cleaning and sterilization are vital for the well-being and security of a person. At royal cleaning service, we give businesses great cleaning services for your house, office, and open air. Our experts are exceptionally qualified and thoroughly prepared for the gig. We use progressed procedures and systems for sterilization. They are outfitted with essential sanitizer materials and individual defensive hardware (PPE) for their own and the well-being of others. The danger of Coronavirus has made the time urgent. The gamble of openness to COVID-19 has impacted our lives and workplace. Our administration is great for the front liners working at this time of Pandemic. It is vital to play it safe ahead of time and execute fundamental cleaning measures. We are profoundly committed to assisting you to guarantee the well-being of you and your partners. The help at a truly reasonable and sensible cost will be successful for the wellbeing of your environmental factors.

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