Facility Service Management 

We enjoy working in a pleasant environment without the worries of safety breaches and hygiene. To enjoy every day at work and to make your work product, a healthy and well-managed office is vital. Not just from employees but Facilities service management is necessary for the entire outlook of the company. A well-organized and managed office leaves your guests and clients attracted.

Why us?

Since Royal Cleaning Service has been in the cleaning industry for a long time now, we know exactly what facilities a proper working company requires in terms of infrastructure. You can rely on us to identify the gaps in infrastructure and care of the building. We do not just provide facilities management service but in it, we also help our clients understand the necessity in the provision related to space, cost, and business integrity. For many years we have been known in the industry as one of the leading cleaning companies inside Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara and are now gaining popularity for the Facilities Management service that we provide. Based on our long-running experience in cleaning, we offer our best foot forward and work hard to deliver excellent cleaning solutions for our clients. Over time, we have developed knowledge and process with finesse and have also embraced new technologies and techniques. Our well-trained staff can easily identify the problems, suggest a solution, implement it, and provide follow-up service.

What do Facilities management services focus on?

Facilities Management service focuses on many aspects like:

1. Safety

Royal Cleaning service focuses on the threats that come from various aspects of the building. The threats might include fire, electric shocks, and more. We properly inspect the possible safety breaches that would potentially damage the property or lead the company to shut down. We provide the facility for testing the safety equipment and systems.

2. Maintenance

We also include the proper testing and inspection of the system and equipment. After the testing, we set out to consult with the client and head towards maintenance to minimize the risk of system failure. Operational safety is vital, so we schedule the maintenance and inspection of the property. We take preventive measures, remedies, and upgrading work that is required as per the status of the property. Consider the improvement of the building at our hands once you hire us. The work also includes carpentry, plumbing, tiling, plastering, decorating, ad painting. We will provide a tailored Facility management Service as per the needs and demands of our clients.

3. Cleaning

The cleaning of tiles, wooden floors, furniture, toilet tiles, kitchen chimneys are also covered under the Facilities Management service. Our expert staff will provide the best cleaning service which is fully assured.

4. Office layouts

For offices carrying high market value, it is necessary to keep up with the infrastructure in the office layout. It is an important factor in keeping up with client relations. We also provide fire safety arrangements along with lighting levels, ventilation, and welfare arrangement from toilets to drinking water, so that the office environment is perfect for working.

Outsourcing Royal Cleaning Services for Facilities management service here in Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara means that you can leave the cleaning and office layout management to us and focus on your core competencies.

If you think that your company is growing in all other factors and needs to improve system layouts and processes, you can immediately contact us and relay your queries about our service. 

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