Janitorial Service

Janitorial service is a kind of service that cleans various professional offices. Janitor service covers whole cleaning tasks.

Some of the janitor services are:

1. Mopping and sweeping the floor

2. Vacuuming the carpet

3. Cleaning toilets

4. Cleaning windows and mirrors

5. Changing the light bulbs

6. Disinfecting the items 

Why choose professionals?

It is vital to understand the importance of health and cleanliness for the success of your business. People working in a company or organization will not want to work in an unhealthy environment. For the productivity of those people, a company must focus on cleanliness.

It is easier to hire a professional to do all the work since it is manual work that required a lot of effort and planning. A knowledgeable experienced and reputed cleaning company will give you insights into the gaps in cleanliness in the company, and fill those gaps immediately.

Thus, for the execution of such a difficult task, we – Royal Cleaning Services- are here for you! we have the right people, the most productive tools and equipment, quality control, and reliable service which is the best mix for exceptional Janitorial service.

Why Royal Cleaning Service for Janitorial Service?

One of the most important things that Royal Cleaning Services focuses on is providing high-end service within the budget of the client. Our rates for janitorial services are most certainly lesser than other cleaning companies in the market. This is because we have the skills and the experience so we do not create any wastage of resources and we know how to save time while offering the best results.

Another thing that we keep in mind is that not all customers and their needs are the same. Thus, we offer custom-made janitorial services for our clients across the Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. You can select from a wide range of facilities that we include under janitorial services and the price can be set according to the service offered and the structure of the property.

We assure you that we have highly trained employees and chemicals that are formulated specifically for cleaning the facilities to perfection. We largely focus on the satisfaction of the client and we deliver as per your needs.

What services do we offer under Janitorial services?

To further break down the services under Janitorial Service that we offer, there are daily services and occasional services that we offer. We send our well-trained and experienced staff to your facility daily. It is also known as a building maintenance service. Some of the services that fall under Daily Services are Emptying trash cans, Dusting the surfaces, cleaning and sanitization of the floor and tables, carpet vacuuming, floor sweeping and mopping, cleaning of stairwells, restroom sanitation, and more.

We also offer occasional services which you can simply take during specific events. You can also remember Royal Cleaning Services for pre and post-construction janitorial service. The services under these are customizable and will be charged accordingly. Another service that we offer is outside service. Under it, we offer window cleaning, pressure washing of the outside building, glass cleaning, and more. These services are customizable under your conditions and needs.

We provide these kinds of services to all kinds of industries including hospitality facilities, office buildings, large grocery stores, retail shops, medical centers, schools and colleges, malls, cinemas, fitness centers, stadiums, and many more. The different industrial facilities require a different kind of cleaning. While education facilities require cleanliness in doorknobs, sanitized desks, medical and healthcare facilities might require keeping the surgery rooms sanitized and sterilized.

So, if you think that your facility desperately needs some professional cleaning then immediately call us and let us know your demands. We assure rapid response to all your emergencies at all times. 

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