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Do you have problems regarding chimney cleaning? We are a one-stop cleaning solution. We have the best cleaning team for your house's chimney cleaning. So do not late contact us for your house chimney cleaning. We are more than happy to serve you. The kitchen is one of these areas in the house which is most prone to getting stains of all kinds. Since it is the main place where oil is used with heat, the chimneys are often left greasy. This grease if left unresolved will accumulate over time and leave a dirty mark which will be difficult to remove later on. 

Provided the excess smoke that comes out of cooking in Nepali homes and offices, Kitchen chimneys have most certainly become a necessity now –a –days. Keeping this in mind, Royal Cleaning Services introduced the Kitchen Chimney Cleaning service a long time ago, and we are proud to say that it has become a success.The build-up of Creosote in your kitchen chimney can be a real pain to clean. Creosote is the mixture of burning wood, coal, oil elements, that rise up to the kitchen chimney and coat the surrounding walls. These gases rise up in the air and cause ashes to form. This greasy liquid is very stubborn so is one of the most difficult elements to clean. You cannot simply wipe it away, neither does it simply vanish with a scrub. Creosote will be dissolved either with the help of the best chemicals or through a rigorous manual process. So it is entirely up to you to either select any of the two methods or to simply pick up your phone and dial for us!There are many problems that can arise from a dirty kitchen chimney. The first problem is ventilation. The build-up of grease in the kitchen chimney can cause the air to be trapped inside and does not let fresh air pop in. This can limit fresh air from entering and dirty air from exiting causing a major ventilation problem. The ultimate problem that derives out of it is definitely in the health of those in the kitchen space. For typical Nepali foodies who spend most of their time in the kitchen, this polluted air will negatively affect your health in some way or the other. Also, keeping the kitchen chimney as it is for a long time will also pave a path for the Chimneys to have abnormal noises or malfunction. Thus it is best to immediately call Royal Cleaning Services based inside Kathmandu Valley, to get rid of all the grease and dirt in your kitchen chimney.Not getting your chimney will also make the entire kitchen to stink and make the lively atmosphere turn suffocating. While chimneys do a lot of hard work at keeping your offices and houses clean, you should also make sure that you make an extra effort to help your chimney’s stay clean.We make sure that we leave your Kitchen chimney clean and well ventilated. While you might think that the job can simply be done by yourself with some help from the internet, you must consider the fact that the use of some easily available chemicals can damage the walls of your chimney causing additional problems later on. Since we note the material your chimney is made up of, and we are well aware of the element that builds up in your kitchen chimney, so we know what exactly to use to combat the problem at hand. It is dangerous to use chemicals without understanding the proper composition of the chemicals and the grease built up.For homes and offices that have chimneys with dirt sticking around since a long time, Royal Cleaning Services provides the service of cleaning your kitchen chimney to perfection. We begin by clearing the area and then scraping off the sticky black grease residue left after cooking. If needed we also use caustic chemicals to break down the grease. We leave the chimney’s looking clean. For kitchens that do not have auto oil collectors and filters this kind of services is best to be used.Royal Cleaning Services has provided the service of Kitchen Chimney cleaning for a long time now in Kathmandu Valley so we are well aware of your problem. Also, we have had a lot of experience and additional skills which allows us to do the work effectively and efficiently saving time and resources. We provide services to homes and offices around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur so you can remember us whenever you feel that your chimney needs some serious cleanup. We respond quickly to your needs, analyze your problem, note the necessary details and get to work so that your problem does not have to wait to be resolved. In addition to this, Royal Cleaning Services also provides full- kitchen cleaning service. Simply tell us the type of cleaning service that you want and we will deliver! 
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