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We begin by cleaning the area including rugs and carpets and articles of clothing. After removal of all the items and clearing the area, the chemical is sprayed. Our workers use special masks for their protection. After spraying the chemical it is important to keep the sink areas as dry and clean as possible.

We take the following precaution before providing the service:

-    Make sure to remove office /home items from the area to be treated

-    Relocate home pets during treatment

-    Vacate the area to be treated for 4-6 hours

-    Close the doors and windows so that the chemical is fully effective

-    Provide prior information regarding how pesticide could affect children, allergies, and pregnancy

Why choose us for pest control?

1.    Skilled and trained workers

Our skilled technicians know the procedure of pest control. They have previously worked with various materials and products throughout the process. We know the hazards of pest control so we are well aware and considerate not to let your health and safety slide. Our expertise and skills ensure the safety of your family and workers.

2.    Modern techniques and tools

We have an eye to the best tools and techniques of pest control around the world. We know what can make this work effective and efficient and we use it to the best of our knowledge. Thus we provide training to our technicians on the new tools and techniques that arise in the market and then we use it so that we offer the best pest control service at the end of the day.

3.    Environment-friendly

Since most of us are now concerned about the environment, we most certainly don’t want to harm the environment. Thus, Royal Cleaning Services, keeping environment protection in mind, uses chemicals that are environmentally friendly. This does not pollute the water source, land and or air.

4.    Supervision

We constantly supervise the work of our technicians so that nothing slips out of our reach. We make sure that the services offered by our skilled and trained technicians are the best in the market.

5.    Inspection

Since pest control is a serious issue, we make sure that once the work has been completed, it is fully inspected. This way, Royal Cleaning Services makes sure that at the end of the service the client gets exactly what is expected of the service.

6.    Follow up 

We constantly follow up with our customers so that their problem of pest is resolved with the use of our service. This extra effort makes sure that none of our customers are dissatisfied by the service that we provide.

What types of pest control service do we provide?

1.    Insets and bugs: We provide the services of terminating different kinds of insects like cockroaches, termites, mosquitos, ants and more. During the rainy season, customers often complain about mosquitos and are conscious about the health of their loved ones. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes can be dangerous so we provide the pest control services for this particular cause as well.

2.    Rodents: You might be victim to the serious property damage caused by rodents in your house. This is a rising problem of all Nepali offices and houses. Rodents can eat up your essential documents at the office or can infest your food at homes. They also carry diseases like bubonic plague, tularemia, salmonella, and more. It is wise to take precaution before any of the diseases even remotely touched you. royal Cleaning Services facilitates you with the services of keeping these rodents out of your daily living environment by using various tools and techniques that will not affect you in a negative way at all. Our experienced exterminators know exactly how to handle the situation, capture the rodent and keep them well away from the reach of your home or office space.

3.    Agricultural pest control: We also offer services of using pesticides to eliminate or control the pests in your crops and agricultural fields. We use standard pesticides that do not harm the quality of your crop, gardens, and fields but only eliminates the pest on it. Our clients all over the valley have been satisfied by this service of ours which is one of the most demanded.

Pests can infest and contaminate food and also damage various structures, so it is vital to hire a professional pest control service so that the infestation does not grow. We not just identify the pests and its habitat but also provide information and advice about pesticides. Pest Control service by Royal Cleaning Services inside Kathmandu valley is one of the best and the most known. We help you handle pests safely and without any hassle.

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