Pigeon net installation service

Pigeon net installation service is also called bird netting or anti-bird netting which is a form of bird pest control. Pigeon net installation service is used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas. Net used in pigeon net installation service comes in various shapes and forms. Small mesh-like 1 or 2cm squares either extruded and bi-oriented polypropylene or woven polyethylene. Pigeon net is made up of polyethylene, a durable and long-lasting plastic material. It is used as a physical barrier to block birds out of areas.

Uses of pigeon net installation service


Crop protection


Fish protection


Building protection


Mining ponds


1. Crop protection

    Pigeon net installation service is used to prevent the damage of vegetables, fruit crops as well as seedlings caused by birds. Sometimes some birds like bats, frugivore birds cause damage to farmers by pecking one fruit and again pecking the another one, therefore the farmers have to experience a low trend which is economic loss. As we all know that once the fruit is already cut off or bitten by birds or got damaged it cannot be sold or if harvested it will rot and of course, the rest of the fruit will also rot if touched by the rotten one. For fruits like apple, pears, mango, etc bird net is used and for tunnel growing fruits like strawberry, grapes, etc it is used.

2. Fish Protection

  Mainly pigeon net installation service is used to protect the fisheries and some wildlife reserves which are in the extinction process. Pigeon net installation service is used in ponds, lakes, etc by fishermen to protect the fishes by large species of birds like eagle, vulture, etc. To prevent loss in aquaculture fish farmers used this net. Some people also use this net to catch fish by throwing them into the ponds and collecting a large amount of fish.

3. Building Protection

 The most essential, easy, convenient, and effective way for making a birdproof building is by pigeon net installation service. Pigeon net installation service is also a long-lasting way of keeping the buildings or other structures safe from birds. Pigeon net installation service protects the building premises from birds by not harming the birds and without any animal violence. Mainlypigeon net is kept on a roof, balcony, or in a free space where birds are more likely to enter and create a mess.

 4. Mining Pond

Mining ponds are those ponds that are used by the miners by using chemical agents to extract minerals or metals. To protect the migratory species from chemical agents this type of pond is covered by a net.

Why choosing the best pigeon net installation service is important?

We Royal Cleaning Service gives you the best quality of pigeon net installation service considering the size of the hole in the net, the net's fiber, its durability, and where it would be best to install the net.

Why pigeon net installation service can be dangerous sometimes?

Some problems can be seen in pigeon net installation service if not installed properly or correctly. So in this case, birds can get trapped inside and can enter through it. Moreover, small birds like sparrows could get trapped and seriously get injured. So we must consider these types of consequences created by installing pigeon net installation service and to avoid some bird accidents like Royal Cleaning Service. Not only birds but sometimes some small mammals can also get trapped in the net too.

Why keep pigeons or birds away from us?

Birds are more likely to seek food and shelter. So they make their home on our balcony or in some cozy and comfortable place for them around our home, offices, or buildings. Keeping them away is very important because    


They can transmit various diseases.


They cause leakage by pecking in the roof or pipes.


They build their nest in the chimney which can cause a fire.


They make the environment dirty by its wastage.


How does pigeon net installation service last?

Normally pigeon net installation service lasts for 10 years with proper use and even more, depending upon the quality of the net.

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