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Residential areas are homes and we spend most of our time. Houses need to be clean not just for show, but mostly for sanitary and health-related reasons. There is no place that accumulates more dirt and germs than houses because of excessive activity. Most residential areas in Kathmandu do not have an experienced and excellent service provider for this particular job. Thus, Royal Cleaning Services has introduced Residential cleaning service inside Kathmandu valley particularly for those households that do not have ample time to spend on this manual work. The residential services that we provide can also be classified into Daily, weekly, monthly, or on special needs. The services are customizable as per the need of our client’s. However, it is best to constantly maintain a clean environment in and around our house so that it does not negatively affect you and your loved ones.

What does Residential Cleaning service cover:

1.    Tile cleaning: We are experts at cleaning your marbles, tiles, and/or wooden floors. We are experts at providing you with a one-stop solution to remove the stains from the floors, clean the floors, and finish the work by polishing it.

2.    Carpets/Galaicha Cleaning: Carpets are the main source of dirt collection. The allergens and germs intact in your carpets come from high foot traffic, which can be harmful to you and particularly your kids and pets. We use a standard procedure to clean the Galaicha and leave it clean and shiny at the end of the process.

3.    Window and Glass cleaning: Royal Cleaning Services also facilitates with the cleaning of windows. While some of the windows can be cleaned by yourself, other hard to reach areas are almost impossible and often risky. We clean the indoor and outdoor glasses with imported tolls which helps us to reach those areas.

4.    Air Duct Cleaning: We also specialize in keeping the air surrounding you and your house clean. For this, we not just offer cleaning services of the houses and nearby areas but we also maintain your ventilators and check for possible blockages.

5.    Underground water tank cleaning: While this service might not be required every single month or day, it is certainly important to clean the underground water tanks of your residential areas at least in a couple of months. Thus, we also offer this service under residential cleaning services but on the demand of the client. If you feel that you need to clean the underground water tank, you can consult with our expert team who will give you suggestions.

Why Royal Cleaning Services for Residential Cleaning?

1.    Cost Effective: We are one of the most professional service providers inside Kathmandu valley, yet we have not hiked our price since our establishment. We have maintained the standard of the quality of service along with the reasonable price range. Within that price range, we assure to provide you the most satisfying cleaning services.

2.    Skilled team: We have a strong and skilled team since we have been in the cleaning business for a long time now. We have ample knowledge about the tools and techniques that can be used on specific types of structures.

3.    Use of modern techniques: As a growing company we have always focused on bringing in new tools and techniques to enhance our performance. We have been using new technology which has reduced the time and resources that is required for cleaning. This has directly affected the price range and helped for it to be constant and reasonable throughout the years.

4.    Reliable and post service follow-ups: We are proud of our accomplishments to date and also have a close relationship without clients. We assure the best services, so you can completely rely on us to get the work done. Additionally, we also boast on the wide range of clientele that still contacts us for any of their cleaning needs. We offer post-follow-ups to check on the effectiveness of the services that we have followed.

Contact us on our 24/7 line or message us for instant response. Leave it to Royal Cleaning Services to keep the dust and dirt well away from your homes. Royal Cleaning Services assures the best service along with a good client relationship. 

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