Rope Access Training

Rope Access Service and Training in Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara provided by Royal Cleaning Services is one of the most sought after by the technical workforce in Nepal. Rope Access is used in many renovations and constructive work. The arising buildings in Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara have given rise to the use of Rope Access Services and Training.

What are the uses of Rope Access?

Royal Cleaning services facilitate services for Rope access fAXor structural inspection and survey work. Rope Access service uses a twin rope system for climbing large structures. Rope access is necessary for reaching hard-to-reach locations more easily and safely. The ropes and attached hardware are used to assist in different situations whether for on-site lifting projects, repair work, maintenance, reaching towers and buildings, and more. We have provided Rope Access Services to a lot of clients from different industries for business centers, buildings, towers, malls, construction sites, and more. These services are provided for billboard installations, glass surface coating, décor hanging, lighting, installation of speakers and other equipment, repair, painting, construction, and more.

Why take Rope Access Service?

1. Safety

Rope Access is the safest option to work at heights. We provide good training so our staff is experts at this. They know the conditions well so they work accordingly. Since the ropework is done by certified technicians there are almost zero chances of any hazards.

2. Ease

Rope Access service facilitated by Royal Cleaning Services is very easy to perform and displays the best results for the works where it is being used. The hard-to-reach areas are easily accessed with the tools without the need for a large team.

3. Fast

The work that the Rope access training is used for is conducted very quickly since there aren’t any hassles of using a huge team to do the work. The tools and techniques of using Rope access are not as elaborate, so there isn’t any hassle in the work.

4. Cost Efficient

The rope Access Training  Service offered by Royal Cleaning Services is very economic because elaborate processes are not needed. There isn’t a need for preparation, assembly and installation and deconstruction, and extraction. This time is saved and resources are saved as well. While most other Rope Access Services can be expensive, we offer the service at a relatively lower price also due to our experience at this work.

5. Does not take up too much space

there aren’t many tools required for Rope Access Training, the rope and the small attachment hardware occupy less space. Thus, it is also portable and does not require huge manpower for operation.

Why take Rope Access Training?

Royal Cleaning services have divided the Rope Access training into various levels. The completion of each level will add new difficulties and values to your learning. We ensure full training to the amateur technicians with the best results. The use of the latest tools and techniques from around the world, adds value to our service and training.  Our main motive is to enhance the skills of the technicians in Nepal so that they can compete in the global market and can even provide services within Nepal. We strongly believe in professionalism, so we deliver exactly to the needs of our clients and furthermore. We not just provide the training but also follow up with the progress after the training has been completed.  After the completion of the training, we offer a certificate of completion to the technicians. We have certainly set out to add even more training and services under the Rope Access Service and Training in the coming future. If you are planning on leaping at training for becoming an on-site technician then it is time that you contact us. We offer the best training with experienced professionals and also offer a certificate that is recognized everywhere in Nepal and abroad as well.

Working at heights is risky but with the help of Royal Cleaning Services, you can make this task easy, fast, and cost-effective. Thus whenever you feel the need to call a rope access service remember to contact us right away. We are proud to say that we are trained professionals who provide services and training as well. As specialists with vast experience in Rope Access Service, we manage a work scope with expert rope access personnel who will provide services and provide training for the growth of other enthusiasts as well. 

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