Rug Cleaning Service

The process of removing dirt, allergens, and dust from the rug is called rug cleaning service.

Rugs are found in almost all homes and offices thus rug cleaning service is one of the most commonly used services in the valley. Rugs are huge magnets of dirt and dust. Although rugs can be cleaned by ourselves at home, it is much easier and better to hire an expert to do it, and for that, we are here to serve you all! Offices with many rugs and homes with working and busy members should not worry about their dirty rugs because we are here for rug cleaning service with our standard procedures. It is vital that you properly maintain and take care of your rug before it loses its charm. Rug cleaning service is a well-utilized investment if you are looking for a healthy home along with classy d├ęcor.

How do we give rug cleaning service?

We begin the rug cleaning service process by inspecting the areas where there are stains or places with more dirt. We then remove the dust with gentle dusters to remove the dry dirt, and soil and stand to stick inside the rug. After that, the washing begins where we use detergent and water to scrub the rug properly. After that, we wash the rug with water. We then rinse and dry the rug. After that, the wet vacuum is used which sucks all the water from the rug. The rug cleaning service process is then completed after the rug is placed under the sun to dry. After a final inspection of the removed stains, we hand over your rug back to its place. All of this rug cleaning service process completes at your convenience. We come to your house/offices, to provide rug cleaning service. We make sure to not use harsh methods like shaking and beating the rugs so that rug does not lose their structure and fuzziness. Our gentle and effective rug cleaning service in Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara leaves your rugs looking clean and vibrant.

Why hire Royal Cleaning Services for rug cleaning service?

1. Clutter removal

One of the reasons why you need to hire us for a rug cleaning service is that we offer services from the very start, meaning you will not have to get your hands dirty at all. We begin with the simple process of rug cleaning services by moving clutter from your rug, getting all the items away from the rug, and vacuuming it. We thoroughly clean your rug with the removal of the dry dirt, sand, soil, etc.

2. Stain removal

We carefully analyze the stain areas from your rug before beginning the rug cleaning service process. The stain areas are our main focus so we know best what chemicals to use for completely removing the stubborn stains. If there are any specific areas where we need to take extra care when we take note of it and use chemicals accordingly.

 3. Easy cleaning and reinstallation

One of the most beneficial things about getting a rug cleaning service from a professional is the ease of reinstalling the rugs after it has been cleaned. After the rug is dry, we make sure to place it exactly where it was before. The room will look the same except for the fact that the rug will give off a different shine after the reinstallation.

4. Easy furniture moving

Often the rugs in homes and offices alike are placed underneath the coffee tables and other furniture. Doing it yourself means a lot of manual work for you for which you require other members of your family. So leave it to us to remove the heavy furniture and begin the rug cleaning service process. We are experts in this field of work so we know how to safely move your furniture without getting the walls scratched. We also move your furniture to its original state as we place the rug back after the rug cleaning service.

5. Remove allergens

One of the main reasons why you need to hire a professional for a rug cleaning service is because we have the tools and the techniques for it. We use chemicals that will be most effective in removing the allergens from the rug. We also use certain methods to make sure that the work is done effectively and efficiently.

For Rug Cleaning Service inside Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara, remember Royal Cleaning Services! While most other rug cleaning services leave off a residue after cleaning the rug which may attract even more dust and dirt, the chemicals that Royal cleaning services use are best suited for your rug. We select the cleaning material as per the quality of your rug and the material that your rug is made up of. Going this extra mile maintains the charm of your rug and keeps you satisfied which is our ultimate goal. 

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