Tile Cleaning Service

Tile cleaning is necessary from time to time in homes and3 offices alike. Only scrubbing and mopping will not give the same result as that by professional help. Tile cleaning machines like steam mop/scrubs and vacuum tools can help clean the tiles properly. Tiles in kitchens are prone to food stains while bathroom tiles are prone to stains from shampoo and soap foam. Cleaning the tiles can be done regularly, however, it requires professional cleaning once in a while. If your house has many tiles, you should hire a professional to take care of them.

It is really difficult to clean the tiles when the environment is damp and the space is congested. You might clean the tiles daily but there are some corners left untouched.  It is most certainly a money saver and a good investment if you hire a professional to clean your tiles. This maintains the life of the tile and also reduced the reinstallation cost later on.

Why clean tiles?

1. Add value to your interior

The tiles lose their charm over time after heavy usage. Thus to maintain the same value, it is advised that you clean your tiles. Cleaning tiles of your bathrooms, and kitchen can drastically change the look of the entire room and add value to it.

2. Health

In the nooks and corners of the tile, there might be tiny dirt and grime stuck for a long time. This grime can eventually infect your food and cause diseases. So it is considered very important to clean the tiles frequently.

3. Protect the life of tiles

To protect the life of tiles it is important to clean them on time. Cleaning the tile can extend the lifeline of the tile and eventually cut reinstallation costs as the years go by.

4. Slipperiness reduction

If you have installed tiles on floors then you must be mindful of the slipperiness caused by the dirty tiles. Cleaning your tile often ensures that they have ample traction and won't cause you to slip on the floor.

Why hire Royal Cleaning services for tile cleaning?

1. Do not damage the tile

Since we have real experience working with such kinds of materials, we know how to handle your tile well while cleaning it. We know the composition and structure of the tile so we know best not to damage it.

2. Use correct/standard product

It is very misleading to say that a general cleaning agent will do the work of cleaning on all materials of flooring. Different flooring has different materials used. You can not use the same cleaning agent to clean your marbles and tiles. They have different formations and structures. Thus you must understand what chemicals and cleaning agents to use on your particular floor. Who better than Royal Cleaning services to do the job for you! We know what cleaning agents are to be used for your tiles to remove the stains and leave them with a good polish.

3. Prolong the life of tiles

By giving the job of cleaning your tiles to Royal Cleaning Services you are simply expanding the lifeline of your tiles. As experts, we know the best technique to clean your tiles so that they are maintained and have a long life.

4. For health-related reasons

The bathroom and kitchen tiles accumulate mold over time which is not at all good for the health of your family, staff, and even guests. These molds can grow and spread along with allergens causing various diseases. Royal Cleaning Services uses various tools to remove these molds and prevent the molds from developing. To reduce the microscopic dust mites and bacteria from the surface of the tile and to keep the environment clean against allergens, it is wise to clean your tile frequently. These allergens and mites may be the cause of asthma.

5. Difficult task

The domestic work of cleaning tiles is simply manual so it is a time and energy-consuming task. Thus it is best to hire an expert who can do it quickly without any wastage of time and energy. We get the work done quickly and efficiently.

6. Provide advice on maintenance

We do not just leave the tiles as it is after cleaning it professionally. We also provide additional advice on how to clean it daily. We suggest you some cleaning agents for your tile so that you can do it daily and maintain the life of your tile.

To make sure that the surface of your tile floors does not lose its luster and shine, Royal Cleaning Services has been providing cost-effective, professional, and standardized tile cleaning service around Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara. We begin the process by sweeping the floor and using a steam cleaning machine to thoroughly scrub the tile. We offer the best tile cleaning service which leaves your tile having a mirror finish. 

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