Water Tank Cleaning Service

Water tank stores water for daily usage. So, the water tank needs cleaning. The water tank is one of those spaces which needs to be immaculately clean since it contains water. However, these confined spaces can accumulate sediments, iron, grime over time. Thus to protect yourself from the hazards of possible diseases, you must invest in a water tank cleaning service.

How do we provide a water tank cleaning service?

Water tanks store water for day-to-day use so clean water must be stored for using it daily. If the water tank is not cleaned frequently then the water may be contaminated. Thus to avoid this you can use the water tank cleaning service offered by Royal Cleaning services within Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We have the most experienced personnel for the water tank cleaning service. Most of the residue left in the tank is of the iron in the water. The water is drained after which the tank is inspected and the water tank cleaning service process starts. Harsh chemicals are not used in the process since their residue might mix in the water later on and affect our health later. After scrubbing off the excess iron and other accumulated dirt, the residue water is sucked from a vacuum. The walls and the floor of the tank are left clean.

Water tank cleaning service is a huge task for many households and offices. One can not simply indulge in this task without putting in additional manual labor and specific knowledge. Thus, it is best to hire Royal Cleaning Services, and we will do it for you.

There are two types of the water tank. They are rooftop water tanks and underground water tanks.

Although the process of the water tank cleaning service is pretty much similar for all water holding underground and rooftop water tanks, accessibility for cleaning might slightly affect the cleaning process.

What are the steps for the rooftop water tank cleaning service?

1. We begin by emptying the underground water tank.

2. We then enter the tank to scrub the interior walls to remove dirt and grime.     

3. The interior walls are then rinsed.

4. Use bleach or gentle chemicals to form a solution which is then used to pressure wash the interior walls of the tank. It is then left for 2-3 hours

5. We thoroughly rinse the tank with clean water supplied through the pipe and end the process.

What are the steps for underground water tank cleaning?

1. We fill the entire tank with water.

2. We then make a solution with bleach or gentle chemicals.

3. The solution is then poured into the tank.

4. To disinfect the plumbing pipes, we turn the tap on until the chlorine odor is smelt at those outlets. We then close the taps.

5. The water tank is left for 12 hours so that the solutions clean the walls and the grime slowly dissolves in the water.

6. The water tank is then drained either through a vacuum or by opening the taps of the entire household or office.

Why do you need to hire professional cleaners for the water tank cleaning services?

Following are the reasons why you need professionals for a water tank cleaning service:

1. Health

Health is the main reason why you need the Water tank cleaning service. You must clean the tank for 4-5 months. Under our hands, we know exactly what to do so we know how to properly clean the tank and what materials to use so that no corner is left unclean. We make sure that the result is flawless when we finish the work. You can safely place your health in the hands of Royal cleaning services.

2. Time-consuming activity

Water tanks hold a lot of water so the space you will be cleaning is very large. Water tank cleaning service is not a job for 1 or 2. You will also need special skills and tools to do the work efficiently or else you will be left cleaning the tank all day and night. Since this is a time-consuming activity, you should take the help of a professional water tank cleaning service to do it quickly yet efficiently for you!

3.  Accumulated grime and dirt

As time passes, the water tanks will accumulate sediments and grime that will be left sticking on the interior walls or the bottom of the tank. This deposit of grime is difficult to remove. You can not simply scrub the water tank to remove it. Thus we offer standard methods where we use specific chemicals which are not bad for the water being held later on but are best for cleaning the accumulated grime. We analyze take notes of the kind of deposit and bring chemicals accordingly.

4. Standard water tank cleaning service methods

We follow mechanized water tank cleaning methods so that the best results are attained after the entire process is complete. Royal Cleaning services are known best for using automated scientifically proven tools and techniques to clean the underground water tank for a germ-free and clean water tank.

5. Safety

Since we are experts at this work, nobody has skills as polished as ours. There have been many cases of accidents while cleaning water tanks within the valley because this is hard manual work. You might hurt yourself while cleaning the tanks particularly if the tank is barely accessible. 

Royal Cleaning Service provides the best water tank cleaning service inside Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

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