Windows glass cleaning service

Window Glass Cleaning

Why do you need to clean your windows?

1. Dust and allergens

One of the main reasons for cold, common flu, or any other respiratory disease is the effect of dirt and allergens coming from windows. You may particularly fall victim to cold, itchy eyes, and bleeding nose if you sit near dirty windows. You must regularly get your window cleaned so that all the dust and allergen are sucked and eliminated.

2. Get rid of stubborn dirt

Often the nooks and corners of the windows have dirt that is stubborn since it has been accumulated for a long time. You might clean your window daily but there are some spots that you miss because it is the most unpredictable place for the dirt to accumulate. This dirt may cause numerous bacteria to spread which is harmful to your body ultimately. You must get your windows cleaned by a professional regularly to remove this stubborn dirt.

3. Health and hygiene

Homes, particularly with infants and pets, need a high level of hygiene cine they are prone to falling sick due to allergens and dirt. Thus when you choose home cleaning, also select window cleaning because it is the source of air. To avoid harmful infections to take over your home or office, you need regular window cleaning.

4. Appearance

A dirty window shows that you do not care much about your home or your office. Clients or relatives may be disgusted by the status of your windows. Therefore, to keep up with the appearance of your beautiful homes and offices, it is necessary to get the windows cleaned.

Why hire royal Cleaning Service for Window cleaning?

1. Faster

Even if you feel that you can clean the windows yourself, a lot of your time will be wasted on it since your hands are not used to doing the job. However, our staff has experience in doing such work for many years so they do the work in half the time that you would take to complete it. We offer the fastest window cleaning service inside Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

2. Cost-efficient

We offer a cost-efficient window cleaning service. Our reasonable pricing is way lower than the abundant window cleaning service that we offer.

3. Easier

Hiring a professional agency like Royal Cleaning Service can take away the seriously hard work of having to climb, reach, stretch, wipe and do various other activities. Just let the professionals take care of this work! Hiring a professional like us to get the hard manual work done will also most certainly reduce stress.

4. Safer

If you do not have the habit of cleaning windows or doing physical work, or if you have an office with large windows then it is best that you sort for our help. Reaching heights without proper safety can be disastrous and often fatal. So unless and until you are a pro at such kind of cleaning work, you can leave it to us to take care of the windows at your office or house. We use harnesses to do the job without having the possible danger of falling.

The main question for many of our customers is how often does one have to clean their window? The answer to this question is standard- once a month. Over a month, a lot of dust, dirt, and allergens may accumulate in your window. It is necessary to take a day out of your month to clean the window. However, if you opt for safety, efficiency, faster work, then you can simply dial us at Royal Cleaning Services to do the job for you.

Royal Cleaning Services begins the cleaning process by working from the top towards the bottom. We use cotton swabs to clean the corners that have the most accumulated dirt. We also take care of not spraying too much cleaner n the woodworks. We have already provided Window cleaning service to a lot of large office buildings around Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara so we are experts at this. 

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